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Benefits Of Buying | Renewing Third Party Four Wheeler Insurance

Apart from protecting you against third-party liability that could arise from an accident with your car, here are some additional benefits of purchasing third-party car insurance:

  • Assists in complying with the laws: Third-party car insurance is required in India and if you get found driving your vehicle without or without an insurance policy from a third party or a valid license, you may be penalized. Therefore having a third-party insurance plan will help you adhere to laws.With the assistance of this policy, you are able to safely drive your car and not violate any traffic law and avoid any kind of fine or jail time.
  • Peace of Mind: In case of an accident, there could be massive financial pressure on those involved. If there is a third party involved, it is even more complicated. With insurance for third parties, you can rest assured that your liabilities will be taken care of which in turn boosts your confidence and allows you to drive freer of charge.
  • Low Premium Amount Third-party insurance is offered at affordable and low costs and is extremely beneficial in times of need. The reasonable cost is one of the benefits of this car insurance policy, which allows you to get a decent amount of coverage for an amount that is low.
  • Effective Cost-Effective Insurance Plan: The coverage given to a person who is insured under Third-Party Liability Insurance is affordable in terms of the amount of the premium. No matter if it’s employed as a key or an additional part of the standard insurance plan and benefits the owner of the vehicle. When making the calculation of compensation the annual income of the owner of the vehicle is taken into consideration.
  • Simple, seamless, and quick process for buying insurance: The buying procedure of third-party insurance is an extremely easy and quick procedure. Anyone can buy third-party insurance coverage on the Internet from their own home or another location. In addition, the insured could also decide to get renewals on their insurance plans online by simply following the simple guidelines provided by insurance companies or an insurance aggregator.
  • Provides financial assistance against Legal Liabilities: Legal liabilities that arise from the property of a third party or individual can be financially draining and could lead to bankruptcy if the car owner is not able to pay for the damages and/or loss to third parties. This is where a third-party insurance plan comes to assistance, as it provides the insured with the financial aid they require and assists them to pay off the third-party obligation, without taking the savings they have built up.

How to Buy Third-Party Car Insurance Online?

The steps below will assist you in purchasing third-party car insurance online:

Step 1: Visit car insurance website

Step 2. In the “Get Your Quote” section, provide your registration number. If you don’t have it, including the model of your car number, make, and registration year.

Step 3. Fill in your personal information like your name and mobile number. All quotes from your particular category will be displayed at the top of your screen.

Step 4. Pick the insurance that best suits your needs and budget.

Step 5. Pay for the policy you have selected and the policy will be emailed to your email address.

How to Claim Third-Party Car Insurance?

To receive compensation for the incident from the insurance company, the policy holder must adhere to the steps below:

  • The policyholder has to inform the insurance company of the incident before the specified time period is mentioned. If claims are filed within the time frame, the insurance company may deny claims.
  • An FIR has to be submitted by the insurance holder informing the nearest police station. an original copy must be provided by the insurer prior to making the claim or at the time of the procedure.
  • The insured must adhere to the correct procedure and submit the necessary documents to complete the claim procedure.
  • An insurance provider will assign a surveyor to examine and evaluate the damages. Following this, a formal report is submitted.
  • This claim is made in accordance with this report.

Important Points Before Doing Third-Party Car Insurance Claim

Here are a few points to consider when making a claim on behalf of a third party:

  1. The FIR must be filed in the event of an accident. Following that, the insurance company must be informed of the event. Without these steps, the claim process could not allow the necessary compensation to be released.
  2. The third party must present relevant evidence to establish the error of another party.
  3. It is advised to settle small loss and damage cases outside of court as the process of filing an FIR, as well as the court proceedings can be lengthy.
  4. There is no limit set for protection for personal losses caused by third parties and for property damages there is a maximum amount of liability set to 7.5 lakhs
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