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How To Connect Terabox Account To Terabox Telegram Bot

Hey what’s up beautiful people my name is Amrit: Blogger, Digital Marketer, YouTuber, and Engineer and today we are going to talk about terabox and whenever we share link on terabox’s bot in telegram it get converted there and shows all your earnings there only and but users want that the files upload to display on both bot as well as website.

Like when you upload any file on the bot so your account on the website will also get the uploaded file, so what to do with that we will see in this video and so before starting the video let me clarify you that the bot I will be using is unofficial, in future, you might face any data loss or account related issues and so its advice to use it on your own risk, so let me tell you what you will require to start and you require 2 mobiles on the 1st on you will install terabox app from playstore if you search for the app you will find it and then open it and and then login with your same terabox account which is on the website and on your 2nd mobile there is a bot and on that bot whose link I will provide in the descripition “Terabot Links Convertor Bot“.

Its an unofficial bot and what it does is basically connect your terabox bot with your account and there if you share any video it will convert it and also upload the video to your account as well for proof let me show you the video that are available in our account, let’s go to the video section and here you can see only 2 videos uploaded and available and first of all you have to start the bot by clicking after which you will receive a notification on the 2nd point connect your session using session click on it and it will then redirect you to another bot there also you have to start it, after some time it will give you a link upon clicking it will generate a QR code and which you will scan using your 2nd phone which has to terabox application from there use the QR scanner and here you have to copy the link and paste it on chrome and it will generate you with a QR code.

When you will on your user profile on the app you will find a scanner option and click on the scanner and scan this QR code, there you will see a web terabox login popup click on OK, there you will have a login session and and when you will look on telegram you will see msg regarding that your session has been started and active and now you will have to upload videos on this bot not on the official terabox bot and this bot is unofficial which you can USE ON YOUR OWN RISK! else you can stick to the official bot and see here we have a link which we will copy –> forward it on the terabox link convertor bot –> converting process will start and its now done! and now we will check in our 2nd mobile whether this episode shows upon refreshing or not and and yes it does, both the links are which I forwarded are shown here on refreshing it take some time.

On more thing is that once you will start this bot at first it will tell you to use the premium version dont click on it but click on activate trial and from which you will get the trial benefit, and which is that you can only add 30 links within 1 min in premium you will get more features but its better to go with this only and so in front of your eyes I have connected terabox bot with terabox account and thats it and we also have many other services like website creation, panel websites, telegram and instagram followers increase which you can get from and if anyone wants to earn more money from terabox you can use adrino links along with it, is a link shortener where when you will short terabox’s link and share it you will earn money and for more info about it you can search “Adrino links on Youtube” and so that’s it for this video hope you find it useful I meet you in the next one until then Ba-Bye!

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