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GoPro AAMIC-001 USB Type C to 3.5mm Adapter

The GoPro AAMIC-001 USB Type C to 3.5mm adapter is a game-changer for GoPro enthusiasts who want to elevate their audio recording capabilities. This small yet powerful accessory allows you to connect an external microphone or audio source to your GoPro camera, unlocking a world of creative possibilities.

Introduction to the GoPro AAMIC-001 USB Type C to 3.5mm Adapter

In recent years, GoPro has made a significant shift in its camera lineup, transitioning from micro USB to the more versatile USB Type C standard. While this change brings numerous benefits, it also presents a challenge for users who relied on the traditional 3.5mm audio jack found in older GoPro models. To bridge this gap, GoPro introduced the AAMIC-001 adapter, ensuring that users can still enjoy high-quality audio capture while using their favorite external microphones.

The Need for an Adapter in GoPro Cameras

GoPro’s Transition to USB Type C

USB Type C has become the industry standard for many devices due to its improved speed, power delivery, and versatility. GoPro recognized these advantages and adopted USB Type C in their newer camera models. This transition allowed for faster data transfer, more efficient charging, and better overall connectivity. However, it also meant leaving behind the 3.5mm audio jack, which had been a staple for audio enthusiasts.

Lack of a 3.5mm Audio Jack in Newer GoPro Models

The removal of the 3.5mm audio jack in newer GoPro models caused some concern among users who relied on external microphones for enhanced audio quality. With the AAMIC-001 adapter, GoPro addressed this issue, offering a simple yet effective solution that enables users to connect their preferred external microphones or audio sources to their GoPro cameras.

Features and Benefits of the GoPro AAMIC-001 Adapter

The GoPro AAMIC-001 adapter brings several notable features and benefits to enhance your audio recording experience. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this adapter a must-have accessory for GoPro users.

High-Quality Audio Capture

The AAMIC-001 adapter ensures that you can capture crystal-clear audio with your GoPro camera. By connecting an external microphone, you gain the ability to record professional-quality sound, whether you’re shooting vlogs, interviews, or action-packed videos.

Versatility and Compatibility

The adapter is designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of external microphones and audio sources. It supports various microphone types, including lavalier, shotgun, and handheld microphones, giving you the flexibility to choose the best audio setup for your specific needs.

Durable and Compact Design

GoPro is known for its rugged cameras, and the AAMIC-001 adapter follows suit. It boasts a durable construction that can withstand the demands of adventurous shooting environments. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to carry and integrate seamlessly into your existing GoPro setup.

Easy to Use and Setup

Setting up the AAMIC-001 adapter is a breeze. Simply plug it into the USB Type C port of your GoPro camera, and you’re ready to go. It requires no additional batteries or complicated configurations, allowing you to focus on capturing incredible footage without any hassle.

How to Connect and Use the GoPro AAMIC-001 Adapter

Step-by-Step Guide

Using the AAMIC-001 adapter is straightforward. Follow these steps to connect and use it with your GoPro camera:

  1. Ensure your GoPro camera is powered off.
  2. Locate the USB Type C port on your GoPro camera.
  3. Gently insert the AAMIC-001 adapter into the USB Type C port until it clicks into place.
  4. Connect your external microphone or audio source to the 3.5mm audio jack on the adapter.
  5. Power on your GoPro camera and access the audio settings to ensure it recognizes the external microphone.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues while using the AAMIC-001 adapter, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure the adapter is securely connected to the USB Type C port.
  • Check that your external microphone or audio source is properly connected to the adapter.
  • Verify that your GoPro camera’s audio settings are correctly configured to use the external microphone.
  • If the adapter is not working, try connecting it to another USB Type C port or another compatible GoPro camera to rule out potential port or camera-related issues.

Enhancing Your GoPro Experience with External Audio

While GoPro cameras have built-in microphones, using an external microphone with the AAMIC-001 adapter can significantly enhance your audio recording capabilities. Let’s explore some scenarios where external audio can make a difference:

Professional-Quality Sound for Vlogs and Filmmaking

For vloggers and filmmakers, audio quality is just as crucial as video quality. The AAMIC-001 adapter enables you to capture rich, clear audio that complements your stunning visuals, resulting in a more engaging and professional end product.

Interviews and Documentaries

When conducting interviews or creating documentaries, clear and intelligible dialogue is paramount. By using an external microphone, you can capture crisp audio without ambient noise or interference, ensuring that every word is heard with clarity.

Music and Audio Recording

GoPro cameras are widely used in action sports, and with the AAMIC-001 adapter, you can also capture high-quality audio during these activities. Whether you’re recording a live performance or creating music videos, connecting a microphone or audio source allows you to capture the full range of sounds with accuracy.

Comparison with Other GoPro Audio Solutions

While the AAMIC-001 adapter is a versatile and reliable option for external audio, it’s worth noting some alternatives within the GoPro ecosystem.

Built-in Microphones

GoPro cameras come equipped with built-in microphones that can capture decent audio in many situations. However, for professional or specialized audio requirements, external microphones connected through the AAMIC-001 adapter offer superior audio quality and control.

Wireless Audio Options

GoPro also offers wireless audio solutions, such as the GoPro Wireless Microphone Adapter. These options provide more freedom of movement by eliminating cables, but they may have limitations in terms of range and potential interference. The AAMIC-001 adapter, on the other hand, offers a direct and reliable connection.

Tips for Getting the Best Audio Results with the GoPro AAMIC-001

To maximize the audio quality when using the AAMIC-001 adapter, consider the following tips:

Positioning and Distance

When using an external microphone, ensure it is positioned correctly to capture the desired sound. Experiment with different distances and angles to achieve the best audio results.

Wind and Environmental Noise

Outdoor shooting environments can be challenging due to wind and other environmental noises. Consider using a windscreen or deadcat with your external microphone to reduce wind noise and maintain audio clarity.

Audio Settings and Post-Processing

Take advantage of your GoPro camera’s audio settings to adjust levels, enable wind reduction, or apply other audio enhancements. Additionally, consider post-processing techniques to further improve the audio quality during editing.

Pricing and Availability

The GoPro AAMIC-001 USB Type C to 3.5mm adapter is available through authorized GoPro retailers and the official GoPro website. The price may vary depending on your location and the retailer you choose.


The GoPro AAMIC-001 USB Type C to 3.5mm adapter is a valuable accessory for GoPro users who seek to elevate their audio recording capabilities. With its high-quality audio capture, versatility, and ease of use, this adapter opens up new possibilities for vloggers, filmmakers, and anyone looking to enhance their GoPro experience. Say goodbye to compromised audio and unlock your creative potential with the AAMIC-001 adapter.


1. Can I use the GoPro AAMIC-001 adapter with older GoPro models?

No, the AAMIC-001 adapter is designed specifically for GoPro cameras that feature a USB Type C port. It is not compatible with older GoPro models that use micro USB.

2. Does the adapter work with other USB Type C devices?

While the AAMIC-001 adapter is primarily designed for GoPro cameras, it may be compatible with other USB Type C devices that support audio input. However, it’s recommended to refer to the device’s specifications or consult the manufacturer for compatibility confirmation.

3. Is the audio quality improved with the adapter?

Yes, the AAMIC-001 adapter allows you to connect external microphones that often offer better audio quality compared to the built-in microphones of GoPro cameras. It enables clearer sound capture, reduced ambient noise, and improved overall audio performance.

4. Can I use the adapter while charging the GoPro?

Yes, you can use the AAMIC-001 adapter while charging your GoPro camera. The adapter doesn’t interfere with the charging functionality, allowing you to extend your shooting time without sacrificing audio quality.

5. Is the adapter waterproof?

The AAMIC-001 adapter itself is not waterproof. However, most modern GoPro cameras are waterproof and can still be used in wet or underwater conditions with the adapter connected. It’s important to ensure that all ports and connections are properly sealed to maintain the camera’s waterproof capabilities.

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