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How To Get Followers On Instagram [Free & Paid Method]

hey what’s up guys, how you all are doing in today’s video we will be talking about how you can increase your Instagram followers and how to get followers on Instagram. Discussing both the methods-

How To Grow On Instagram?

So there are 2 ways to grow on Instagram-


How To Grow On Instagram [Free]

It’s obvious that reels are trending on Instagram, that’s why their reach is also higher as compared to photos earlier when you used to upload good photos regularly your reach will increase and using #Hashtags also helped in increasing reach.

The way to get free Instagram followers is, if your reel gets viral it will lead to numerous followers, like, and subscribe and all of those what you have to do I tell you how you will find which video is trending on which if you make reels then there will be high chances of going viral and benefiting you and the other method.

free Instagram followers

I tell you, now let’s go to the reels section as you can see here there is an arrow in the bottom left corner near the music section so you have to pick the music that has an arrow in it that arrow basically identifies the trending audio and if you make reel using this audio you have high chances for a viral reel video if you thought that you will add 1 or 2 videos and you will get the reach so there is nothing like that.

You have to upload reels for at least 50-60 days, for around this much time you have to upload reels on your creative field of interest if you stick to 1 niche and upload reels you will surely get subscribers, reach else my name bad but here you see that the reels with an arrow in it have the maximum reach like when I clicked on the reel this video popped up like that video will get if you upload reels using this audio there will be a high chance that you are viral now.

How To Grow On Instagram [Paid]

Let’s talk about the other method.

The second method is paid, you have to go to TajPanel –> Register–> Sign Up after doing the signup go to the fund’s section, scan this QR code then proceed to payment supposed you did a Rs100 payment like here you will add the amount, and here the transaction ID( using PhonePe= Transaction ID, PayTM= Order ID) after you complete your payment using the QR.

And as you click on submit the amount will show up in your funds as balance then go to new orders and here you will find the cheapest way to get Instagram followers here select Instagram, you can choose zero drops, choose the quantity 1000 and that will cost for just Rs 27 and 10,000 followers for just Rs270 this you are getting at a very cheap price.


This is the cheapest place it is very rare to find this price point so this is also the way to get followers, but the organic followers the much better but if you want for a status symbol to show up followers, and likes here you can also increase likes for any posts as well, suppose there is a post you can increase likes for that post so I will show you on my account as an example like here in front of your eyes its 27.1k followers.

Now I will increase it by 1k [FOLLOW THE STEPS FROM VIDEO] paste the link, select quantity as 1000, and place a new order and now within 1-2 mins right in front of you my followers will increase like for any order you place you click on 3 dots –> orders you will find all these here you can see its pending in a matter of mins it will show the progress that means followers are increasing and when you reach the desired qty it will show complete like here let me check whether we see any rise from 27.1k followers or not so here.

I show you with my other mobile that I am now receiving followers, that mobile started to hang that’s why it is delayed here you can see that followers started to increase, iPhone is not working right now if we refresh currently you can’t see followers on the main page, but the notifications started to receive see here 44sec ago by this way your followers can also increase so these were the two ways by which you can increase your Instagram followers

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