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How To Install WordPress On VPS? [SSL Certificate]

Having a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is almost a necessity for starting a blog from scratch. The best hosting services don’t offer shared hosting plans unless you are willing to pay a little too much for them, which is why so many people might choose to go for VPS hosting.
Blog Post: Installing WordPress on a VPS can be tough but it needn’t be. If you run into issues with this VPS guide, you can always consult one of our guides that should help you get around the obstacles that you might come across.

This blog explains how to install WordPress on a beautiful server I will do it in three steps the first step is to install a VPS in a cloud hosting the best are digital ocean or builder in this tutorial and I will show you how to do it in both the and second step is to point the ideas of the and main to the IP of the server and the and the first step will be to install WordPress and a free SSL certificate let’s start.

Install WordPress On VPS

How To Create Server?

To create a server you can do it with and degree dilution or builder I’ll have used ball for a long time and both are and incredible I’ll leave you a coupon of and $100 for each one in the description and once you are in the main panel you have and to create a new server now you have to and select an operating system to follow and this tutorial you can do it with Ubuntu and 18.04 or Debian personally.

I prefer and Debian because it’s more stable then and selecting a plan this is up to you the and larger the server the faster it will be and and the more traffic it will support and then you can select a location for your and server it’s better to choose the and location closest to your target audience and so that it can work faster in the case and of digitalocean in identification you and should choose one-time password but if and you know how to install an SSH key you and can also do it name the server and just and created and once you have created a server it will have an IP address you can see this on your digital ocean or builder panel.

So now you have to point the DNS of your and domain to the IP address to this go to and your domain provider and look for the and DNS section in my case I have it in name and chip now you have to create two records and both should point to the IP address of and the server in hostname in one you have and to put www and in the other you must and leave it empty or if you can’t type at and then delete the DNS that come by default and in your domain you must wait at least 30 and minutes after saving the changes to and continue with the step 3 and now that you have the domain point into and your new server you must set up and WordPress on your site do this go to the and digital ocean or build your console that and you will find inside the servers panel and in the console you must log in with a and username and password in built or you will find on your server but in digital and ocean you will receive it on your email.

Now to install WordPress we will use the and word application this app allows you and to install WordPress easily with SSL and certificate you just have to run two and commands that I live in the description and the first command you should type is to and install word ops on the server and you and you and it will ask you for your name and an and email then WordPress must be installed and in the domain, with the SSL certificate and to this you must type the following and command and replace with and your domain and [Music] and you and boiler you already have warrants and installed on a bps with SSL certificate and the username and password to log into and WordPress you will find here so you and should save it in a blog note or and something then go to your domain a slash and wp-admin and you can now start with your and new site.

In this blog post we wanted to show how to install WordPress on a VPS with an SSL certificate. We hope this article has been helpful and that you have a better understanding of how to install WordPress on a VPS with an SSL certificate.

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