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Top 3 Most Common Telegram App Scam To Watch Out For

Hello friends I hope you are doing well, but there are people on Telegram that are not doing a good Many people are doing fraud on the telegram app, one of my friends got faced 76000 INR fraud on telegram that guy reported me and send all the details regarding the fraud in this blog I will tell you about the frauds that are going on telegram, each and every second of this video is very important if you are a telegram user watch the video till the end without missing anything so let’s roll the clip…

hey what’s up beautiful people my name is Amrit: Blogger, digital marketer, YouTuber and engineer

What Are The Telegram Frauds?

Friends, first of all, I will let you know about the frauds going on telegram then we will proceed with the phone showing all the proofs and not miss anything all these are interrelated firstly let’s talk about what are the scams going on and how to be safe.

#1 Services Scam

So the 1st scam that runs on telegram is of SERVICES there are many who are running a trading business in which they tell others to join their channel for tips and when you give that person your money that guy blocks you you can receive adult messages and video calls from girls.

Top 3 Most Common Telegram App Scam To Watch Out For

You will be requested for some money to fix your online meeting as you pay them you will get blocked or in other case you might get a video call and if you’d shown your face then your face will get attatched with sometime wrong and then blackmail you to pay them else your video will get viral, this is also one of a kind of scam whether on Telegram, whatsapp, instagram, or elsewhere on telegram.

#2 Fraud Deals Scam

You can be scammed regarding sales and deals sometimes you can see a message like a bro I will give you iPhone for just 10,000 from carding but first pay me 1000 as delivery charges and the rest you can pay once you received the product that person will try to build trust with you by showing his aadhar card and telling he does import export business.

We sell the products that get stuck during the custom duties thats why they have less pricing so bro that all fraud going on there is nothing like that they will say that they are from custom department and will provide you with there aadhar and pan card but all of these are fake so please don’t give any money scam through youtube comments, I came across a lot of youtube comment in one of my this WhatsApp unban video people comment requesting to unban their Whatsapp number.

Top 3 Most Common Telegram App Scam To Watch Out For

They get replied from the front to call on some number and they will unban your number but in fact, whatsapp only have the authority to unban any whatsapp number, if you request them then only they will unban your number there is no one on the telegram support team who can unban your number there they will ask you for some money, never give them recently Tech Burner published a video on their channel regarding the scams that were happening in their comment section.

A person replied to a comment saying that you have won a giveaway prize to receive it message him on telegram that person texted him and was blocked after taking Rs8000 from him there is also a fraud going on telegram regarding telegram channel buy and sell, as you all know that the demand for telegram IOS channel is boom scammers tell people that they have IOS channels and to buy from them, and as soon as the next person give them payment he gets blocked by scammer!

#3 Fake Channel Members

There are frauds regarding telegram member adding, so these are the things are going around let me take you to my mobile screen to show you on what background the 76k fraud has been done as you can see here, I will hide this user’s profile pic.

Person: Bro there is a problem

I replied: Yes Person: Fraud of a huge amount happened to me

I replied: who did it?

so this person send someone 30k + 46k = 76,000 to someone then this guy sended me all the screenshot of his chats where you can see that scammer’s name is shown as Deleted account which means that person has block him after payment on what basis he paid him?

He paid that guy to increase his channel’s members and to rank his telegram channel on the top this person paid that guy, but the scammer scammed him here in the chats you can see that scammer is saying within 7-8 days he will add 50k memebers and will rank his channel as this guy done with the payment and sended him the screenshot and got replied back by ok brother and later on when he checked him with his channel he found that this guy blocked him.

This way people are getting scammed 76,000 INR is not a small amount and let’s talk about how you can prevent such scams. So if you are dealing with anything on telegram, there should be a mediator who exchanges money and service from one another.

Suppose there is a telegram IOS channel suppose telegram IOS channel is with this person and the other one wants to buy from him that’s where this middle plays a role where the middle man takes money from one, service from another and give the people what they want respectively keeping some commission with him and this process is called ESCROWING.  Meaning becoming a mediator and just making a two-party deal this is the service that we are also providing for a long back,

Trustworthy Escrow

if you want to buy or sell an IOS channel you can contact me providing me with your price and then I will provide you with the right customer so you can trust us in this we are the doing escrowing from a long back not only this you can contact me for any online deals where you need a trusted escrow.

If you choose to work with me then we will decide some % at that time so you can message me with your price only on @tech_amrit on Telegram not on any other, the link for this you can find in the description this if our official account named Amrit Adrino.

Here I can help you or if not me you can take someone else as a mediator who is trusted, never pay any unknown person on telegram you can fall into fraud now for member adding you can go for member adding which are obviously bot subs, or Instagram followers there are many other services you can check them but make sure that you read its description carefully before purchasing.

I provide you with the website link singup from there then you can buy and if any one wants to rank your telegram channel then you can do that from there, for ranking channel you have to buy subscriber on that keyword for which you wanna rank after that your channel rank on top which later on strengthen with organic subscriber and gets even bigger so if you wanna buy subs you can buy from tajpanel

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